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if the freeze continues thru Sunday, a record number of Americans will watch the game because they will be trapped in their homes..remember there was a huge snowstorm across the Country in the 70's when the TV mimi-series Roots premiered for the first 2 nights and viewers became hooked

my personal favorite Super Bowl ad was the Budweiser commercial where Cedric the Entertainer was trying to seduce a beautiful woman and he went to the kitchen to get 2 Buds and was so excited he shook up the beers and it sprayed in her face and he tried to dry her off with a hair 2nd favorite was the Doritos commercial when he would eat a chip and the woman's clothes came off, $$$$ came out of the ATM and he finished his bag and got hit by the 3rd was the Doritos commercial when the man was courting the single mom with a son and the son slapped him and said don't mess with my Mom or my Doritos
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