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You may be able to have your cake AND eat it, with a "combo" trip to both Altun Ha Maya site and cave tubing - and BTW, the tour operator you chose will determine how well you cave tube - some guides in Belize are more experienced than others at this particular tour (most likely the time they started doing this tour!!). We went with Major Tom in Belize (and his son "Minor Tom") and they knew exactly how to maneuver the river to allow us to stay afloat - no hard work at all. And we liked their naturpathic tour of the rainforest and Maya background of the caves. Altun Ha was beautifully set in rainforest as well, and being able to climb prepared steps to the tops of two of the main temples was a photo op of a lifetime. Try Belize Cave Tubing, Zipline, Mayan Ruins, Wildlife Centres, Snorkeling, and other tour activities with Major Tom, Minor Tom, and their veteran tour guides in Belize - and there are a couple other independents that are excellent as well. Belize does have great independent tour operations, judging from all the forum posts I've read on several sites.
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