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Hi Paul, please give Tim, Ida and my warm regards..he has been so gracious and generous to us...last March, we received a total surprise/warm invitation (from Tim) to sail on the Marina Shakedown (Genoa (shipyard location) to Barcelona (18-21 Jan) but in late Oct, after seven months we had to cancel our maiden voyage 22 Jan -4 Feb), and to decline the shakedown invitation(ouch). In fact ten days ago on the Oceania blog read that FDR (CEO) and President were leaving the maiden voyage in Tenerife, immediately sent an email to Tim offering to buy one of their cabins just for the crossing portion (eight days--Tenerife to FLL)..Tim thought for sure they would say yes, alas, a few hours later Tim found out that Fincantieri shipbuilding personnel were getting these two cabins (the only free cabins out of the 600+ on the Marina)--thus we missed out on the maiden .

Looking fwd to your impressions, posts and pix. Wonder if u will agree with other cruise pundits (USA Today's Gene Sloan, CC writer) that the Marina is a Game-Changer...IMO, it will blurr the line between the upper premium market and luxury market--Marina is not only a Game-Changer but a League Changer.

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