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Oh I lied RobH, I'm still here and I was not in the mood to get into it with you the other night.

Forgetting about me and how I approach being on the GRIPES board, it has never been or ever will be a place to come for practical advice,,they do that on CM elsewhere.

CM GRIPE is let’s say a bit different to the other threads, its a place to moan and then take all that goes with that moan on a subject by the poster. Some folks will agree or some will disagree on whatever opinion and thought or gripe someone has about "whatever".

Simple, always has been that way on Gripes, always will be

Oh and guess who these post came from on practical advice if that’s the criteria for posting on CM

“We moved west to the Pacific ocean to escape the snow but every few years it surprises us though we have dry grass in the summer and green grass in the winter”.
“Had the grandkids over for a sleep over, counting down the time till their dad arrives
Bit noisy right now but ah well.
“Computers paid for our mortgage as that was my profession all the”
If you live in a greenhouse then sometimes you have to watch where and at what you throw stones

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