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Unhappy Can't Please Some Folks

Well, there are some people in this world who understand that "When you travel, stuff happens." There are others who let one mistake get them off to a bad start, and consider anybody who refuses to answer their unreasonable demands to have a bad attitude.

Most of the Drive By Poster's complaints have been addressed above. The one that baffles me is why she is says,
"But we later found out that dining plan has limitations… you cannot eat at the Palm Restaurant onboard the Caribbean Princess. Therefore making us feel like we missed out on everything Princess had to offer like we were short changed. How is that the best plan if you cannot eat at all of the restaurants?"
But here is what Princess website says about dining on Caribbean Princess:

"Princess Cruises offers passengers onboard the Caribbean Princess a choice of 3 main dining rooms (Coral, Island and Palm). The Coral and Palm offer flexible Anytime Dining, while the Island offers Traditional Dining (early seating 6 pm, late seating 8.15 pm). "

So how did she miss anything in the Palm Restaurant? It is simply another Main Dining Room.

Obviously, this is a case of somebody who failed to get good advice from their Travel Agent. It would be wise for them to vote with their feet and go to a good full service TA who is a CLIA Master Cruise Counselor.

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