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I don't look upon this as a classic "Drive By". It's a posting from someone where their cruise didn't meet their expectations. I also don't like labeling someone less than 24 hours after the posting is made. Unlike many of us, most people don't check the boards every hour or two. If I did make a negative post and came back the next day and four or five people had labeled me a "Drive By" or "Troll", I don't think I would respond.

The main thing with this post is that it is an excellent learning tool for new cruisers. It shows how expectations can be set too high and there is much more to know about taking a cruise than how much it costs.

I feel bad for people who book a cruise with an "order taker" and do not receive the accurate information they need or even directed to where to find it.

I love cruising but I do feel bad that you often have to get a Bachelors degree in Cruising before you can take a cruise. At least Cruisemates can help new cruisers earn that degree.

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