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Originally Posted by rollerdonna View Post
Can I put in my 2 cents worth? I don't know anything about clothing optional cruises, but I would NOT book another cruise on Carnival Miracle, clothing or not. CD Malcolm Burns and his entertainment staff were the worst I've ever come across in 16 cruises. Not to mention the musical entertainment on board. Pick another cruise!

I can't know what your personal experiences with Malcolm may have been, but I do know that many people on the ship praised him highly, and I did not hear one negative word. I personally have cruised on the Miracle 3 times, and have nothing negative to say about him, except that a couple of his jokes were a bit corny. And while I agree that the music on the Miracle wasn't the greatest, I can't see how anyone would let that be the deciding factor on whether to book a cruise or not. If you would like to go on a nude cruise, the choices are extremely limited. And in this price range, the other choices are virtually non-existent. The positives here far outweigh the negatives, and anyone who wants to go should not hesitate to sign up.
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