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Ah - yo are correct, I did see the concierge lounge ands I herad the wireless works in there.

It had a cooler full of sodas, a large screen TV, games & snacks. I had a few pics in there, I will see I can identify them.

Sunday afternoon…

After lifeboat drill and a good round of room service coffee (my first of the day) and my earlier post – we were invited to have lunch in a new restaurant for Oceania called Red Ginger.

According to Frank Del Rio, during the transatlantic sailing which precluded this cruises (there were something like 1000 guests onboard) this restautant became the favorite of them all. I have to say my food was delicious.

More caviar – this time atop smoked salmon – was just as delicious as last night. Now, just in case you don’t know, there is no actual caviar as it is traditionally known available in the word today as it all comes the Caspian Sea between Russia and Iran. Well, the sea was virtually fished out for it, and so all the countries put a ban on until the sturgeon have had a chance to recover as a species. There is said to still be a sime bkack market caviar out there in the world, but if you are cought with it the Russians take it very seriously and you should go to prison.

So, most of what is called caviar these days is farm-raised sturgeon roe from the U.S. or Europe, and in fact it is quite passable and similar to the original – unless you have had the original and know the difference. I had brought home real caviar from Russia a few times and even I have a hard time telling the difference. This morning they had a caviar breakfast buffet, but I was busy writing and uploading my update for you.

The second dish we had in Red Ginger was a delicious Carpaccio – raw beef treated with lemon to make it germ-free. There was still lemon on it with large chucks if sea salt and a few candied pecans, tiny rings of shallot and cilantro. It was delicious. Next I had a glazed sea bass with a Thai-style peanut sauce and jasmine rice. My gosh, this was absolutely delicious, too. A wonderful meal all the way around.

After lunch they started setting up the Bon Appétit culinary center. As I said before this is the only shipboard culinary center where passengers actually get the necessary ingredients and a workstation with a sink and induction (hotplate-type) heating element where they can practice what they are being shown. This is evolutionary since most ships only have a demonstration kitchen and the best a passenger can do is take notes.

I also popped in on a painting class which was overflowing with participants. Okay, this seems a little bit too “summer camp” to me also, but it seemed popular. Later on we have the super bowl, and since there are no laws against gambling at sea there are running a Superbowl pool. It just makes the game more interesting even if you chance of winning is one in 100 (wow, did I write that? I wonder if I can get my money back?) I don’t even know who is playing.

Stay tuned – tomorrow we eat in Jacques. I just had a chance to meet the master chef and he is very nice. I hope to get more pictures online soon as well.
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