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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
If you will allow me to make some comments as someone who has worked on cruise ships...

Now - IF a frequent cruiser acts like the rules don't apply to him it is because somewhere along the line he has been given special favors by a staff member he has befriended. It is like training a puppy, if you spoil them they will learn bad behavior. It isn't the server's fault, just like people who love their puppies they are just try to give them some special attention, but sometimes it has the wrong result.

When frequent cruisers get spoiled it manifests in their relationship with service people. If they feel buddy buddy with the hotel manager (for example) they also feel like they are running the place. When that happens they forget they are passengers, expect more and tip less.
Absolutely right. There is an RCI ship we have sailed on a number of times in which some of the repeat passengers demand to be invited to the captain's dinner. They email the MDR manager and he arranges for them to be invited. One of these passengers has actually had the entire captain's table "reserved" for her guests multiple times and then bragged about it. Ditto with bridge tours. She behaves as if she owns the ship and is part of RCI management.

It is unfortunate that these situations develop, it doesn't endear the repeat passenger to other passengers, except those who benefit from her connections. But I don't think it is the crew or managers' fault, they are trying to make every passenger happy and sometimes they get taken advantage of.
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