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Originally Posted by conway scott View Post
The next Carnival cruise I take will be number 10. That qualifies me for platinum status. Do I have to apply for it or is it automatic. The people traveling with me are not at 10 cruise yet. Can they check in early with me or do we all have to be platinum. ????
You should go on Carnival's website and register. Then check what they show as your cruise history. IF it shows the 9 cruises you have done on Carnival alone [sister lines do NOT count] then you are good to go. If they show a lesser cruise history, you will need PROOF that you made any cruise not shown in their history.

At most ports there are 2 distinct check-in areas. One for all and one for VIP's. Your traveling companions will not have their boarding docs available in the VIP area. So if you wish to board with them, the polite thing to do is you eschew the VIP boarding and check in in the regular area. NOT vice-versa. You have earned VIP along with all the other VIP's that will be held up by your friends trying to use VIP boarding when they have not earned it.
I qualified as Platinum when the Platinum program first started. I already had 12 Carnival cruises, so I was an instant VIP. I consider my friends as VIP's but Carnival does not and its Carnival's boat!
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