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Default Adjust the rules

Originally Posted by ViviW View Post
I agree, if the invitation to dine with the captain was luck of the draw it should be enjoyed. However, this woman abuses her relationship with the MDR manager by insisting she and her guests be invited to the captain's dinner every time they are on the ship. As Paul Motter pointed out, the crew/management are just trying to be nice and made the arrangements in the past but now feel they must do it--it has been going on for at least the last 5 years. Also her demand to dine with the captain (and filling the table with her guests) completely eliminates the odds of others having the honor of dining with the captain on those cruises. I suppose what I find offensive is her bragging about it and behaving as if she runs the ship.
Thanks ViviW,
The staff have probably felt, in this deep, for one night perhaps no one will notice. It requires a the MDR or like person to inform her that she has been privileged and due to the vast numbers now on board that have to accommodate more guests. Problem is she will still win as they will give her some kind of consolation prize. At least reduce her ability to invite numbers. It comes down to the Captain having a one on one with her and indicating he has decided to be fair to all , he will no longer have supper at the same time as the guests, does have a ship to run.
He can assign to the Staff Captain, in essence someone has to stop the practice or just make themselves unavailable.

Anybody in the crew out there who have managed to wiggle out of this situation.
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