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Hello Trackypup,

Here are the details for the drink package and thanks for your patience.

 The drink package (liquor, wine, beer, cocktails, etc.) will cost $ 39.00 per person per day.
 This price includes all items in each category that are listed up to $12.00.
 Any item above $12 would be available at 25% off (excluding wines on our wine list).
 The packages will be available starting Feb 15 on the Journey and Feb 19 on the Quest.

 Guests may buy the package onboard.
 Guests or our Travel Partners may pre-purchase the package by calling reservations; however, our technology department is still fine-tuning our reservations’ system so right now the program is not available through reservations.
 Important Note - the package must be purchased for the duration of the entire voyage.
 During the boarding process, guests will receive a new key card that identifies them to the entitlement of the drink package.

I will get back to you when the system has been modified to accept drink package reservations.

Bill Leiber
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