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Default Tuesday and Another Storm!

Morning Mates, woke up this morning to another snowstorm. They're calling for 10 cms this morning and another 10 cms tonight, which should be interesting since I have to be at a meeting tonight and drive home in a storm in the dark.
So far, schools have not been closed, but it may happen at noon. Right now, the roads are not good, so I will not be going swimming this morning.

Yesterday, we tried to cancel our trip to Cuba because we realized we have some major repairs to do to the house come spring, and could use the money.
However, since we are less than 44 days from the trip, the TA refuses to refund. Basically you have to be dead and provide a death certificate before they will refund any money. So, it looks like we will be going to Cuba after all,
which is nice because it's been a hard winter, but it also means I will have to find a 2nd job so we can fix the screen porch...

So, how is everybody else's Tuesday?

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