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Hi Kids,
We had some snow this morning, nothing serious, but when you have a nice day like yesterday was, you think, spring is coming, but ......(

My oldest and dearest girlfriend, who is suffering with what we thought would be a cut and dry, breast cancer situation, just found out she will indeed need a just broke my heart...this woman has been through so much, with the passing of her husband and son,and now this...She has such strength..I envy her. I came up with a jewelry design for a braclet, that I made in pink for her,and told her to wear it when she has her treatments, this way a part of me is with her, as she goes through it .. I hope to be able to go with her,and do what I can as she moves just stinks

RD, I hope the weather is not too bad for you....

Make it a good one.

Trip, with her book & tea!
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