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We don't like Mexico at all. I will try my damnest to talk my clients out of going there. I feel it's far too dangerous. I don't know what happened with this poor young person and I doubt we will really ever do. The authorities are notorize for blaming the wrong person.

We were robbed by a couple of cops about 4 years or go or so doing a land vacation. We refused to get off the ship since then. When we were in Cozumel in December we tried getting off the ship. Hired a horse and buggy to take us around the city, but I had to go back to the ship. I realized I was scared silly. I will not get off when we visit there on the Allure at the end of this month.

I see there were two school kids shot to death today just on the border. I know there weren't on a ship - but so what - just shows how bad it is.
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