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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
FYI - Internet is VEY expensive, about $.95 / minute, ecven with packages. You can get it in Crystal for about $.33/minute. Plus - it is not very fast, either.
A couple of tips, or maybe reminders:

If you are on your own laptop (ipad, or whatever), or if the ship's computer allows to use it offline, you should do all your writing and reading of emails while you are not logged into your ship account. If you know how to do this offline, then you probably only need an hour of connect time to get your mail everyday for a two week trip.

If your photo host allows you to use your own ftp program (like cuteftp or filezilla), it's probably faster and has better recovery from disconnects than using their web-site. Also good is to rename your photo files offline to something descriptive, and upload them with the new names.

There. That was my first post!
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