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Originally Posted by Mikey2611 View Post
Hi there. I am a 60 year old Canadian gay professional retired single male, born in the UK ( so yes I still have a bit of an accent lol). I have a passion for cruising and have completed over 20 cruises. In recent years I have travelled alone but the additional costs are prohibitive and while I am happy with my own company it would be great to find a compatible cabin mate/companion.
I am NOT seeking anything romantic, just someone with similar interests who wishes to save the single supplement. It can be a purely cabin share or if we get along well, we can share the Dining experience and some time together on the cruise and/or excursions.
Male or female, gay or straight 30-65 is fine with me as long as we have mutual respect and after communicating (and maybe meeting) we are compatible.
I am not welathy and budget carefully but enjoy Transatlantics, Europe, Asia, South America, Pacific, Alaska, US and eastern Canada but not really into Caribbean. Would also consider River Cruises in Europe and maybe even shore based vacations. Anyway if interested drop me a line to with details.
Hi Mike , How about a Pacific cruise on the MS Rotterdam VI ( HAL ) departing March 4th ? I have an inside cabin and it would be nice to share it . I'm looking forward to visiting Hawaii , Tahiti , Bora Bora ,Papeete and the Marquesas islands for the first time ! Have you ever travelled to these destinations ? Let's keep in touch and there just might be additional cruise destinations that we can share . Take care , Joel
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