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! I was worried about this too, asked here first, and booked an 11:20 flight out of Fort Lauderdale, also, just got off Freedom.

For us, piece of cake, based on debarkation instructions, we carried off our own luggage (You WILL have to do this to make sure you have enough time) AND did everything as per their instructions as EARLY as we could and we were sitting at the Fort Lauderdale airport 3-4 hours before the flight left. We had a lot of extra wait time, but there was an advantage. We checked our luggage in at the airport as soon as we possibly could then minutes later the whole airport was bombarded with MORE busses and passengers. So many people that the lines extended OUTSIDE the terminal! (Delta, Air Canada, etc.)

We actually jumped on the Carnival transfer, which was also a bus, but I guess we were on one of the very first busses to the airport. While we were up very early for showers, breakfast, etc and were very tired, I wouldn't have done it any differently for no other reason to avoid the mess of people that showed up not long after we did.

Customs, etc off the ship was a total breeze, hardly anyone was getting off with us it seemed?! Again, maybe customs was a little easier as there were not a lot of people getting off when we did.

Personally, I think you're fine, but be on the safe side, don't doddle, and get off ASAP in the morning. Better 3-4 hours early, than 3-4 minutes late when it comes to a flight.

There are people here who claim they may have made flights leaving at 9:30 in Fort Lauderdale. I would not push my luck that far for sure.

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