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Marc.. I do realize it's "different strokes for different folks", it's just your comments are a bit foreign to me.

I've cruised 15 days in a standard balcony on Carnival and had plenty of storage (and we don't pack light), and we were certainly adequately comfortable.

We've been on an 18 day Silversea cruise, with a walk in closet big enough for a king sized bed, and that had it's own window.

And you know what... neither really had any affect on our enjoyment of either cruise.

On Silversea we hosted several cocktail parties in our suite and that was very nice. On Celebrity we hosted a cocktail party for 80, because we had a huge extended balcony. The weather turned ugly so we were all inside, in a bit of a larger cabin, but not a suite... and we still had a great time.

I guess we're just more adaptable than you.

We know you're stuck on Regent, and that's great for you. To you it's the "end all and be all". I sailed it once, in my "vibrating cabin" (I'm sure you recall), and we enjoyed, and one day I may even go back.

I do think that if you were more "adaptable" it would be very interesting for you to try some other lines. But in your mind you've found the best, so in your mind there's no reason to change, and that's great for you.

That's really no different than folks who'll only sail Carnival, or who will only sail RCI, or who will only sail Princess. You and they have found what satisfies you. I'm still looking for some surprises.
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