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Okay - on the last day I had a chance to look at the spa - which is beautiful.

Dining in Jacques is very special. It is amazing how huge his menu is. MOst gourmet restaurants limit the choices to a few entrees, and few appetizers and a few desserts.

he has four meat dishes, four fish dishes, eight side dishes, eight appetizersm two salads and two soups.

I had the veal chop. This is not something I normally order but I know top restaurants do it well so I want to try it. It was outstandingly good. It was tender and very flavorful and juicy.

Fotr an appetizer I had the sausage with truffle and pistachio. It sounded better than it was - cold slices of thick sausage are a little bland. I think it is important to remember that Jacque's "thing" is simple food. That is what his PBS show was about.

Now, he had fois gras and escargot on the menu, but those can be sinple as well. I was going to order the frogs legs with gnocchi, but I forgot.
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