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Geez--what a way to commit suicide. Hopefully the police can get to the bottom of all this and the public can get the straight of what happened.
This isn't cruise related but still another death of a tourist in Jamaica. A local business man and his girlfriend were visiting Negril , Jamaica and were either walking along a road or attempting to cross
and were struck by a car. The man was killed and the girl friend very critically injured. It was reported that the man tried to shove the lady out of the way just a fraction of a second prior to the impact.They have now flown the lady back here to the hospital and per the local t.v. news this evening, people were donating money to help with the expenses. The man's body was supposed to be returned here Thursday. No real details were given, just that they had been struck by a car and the man killed.
But, with the lady being flown home and people donating money to help with the expenses, it may appear they did not take travel insurance. If you lose the cost of a trip that isn't what breaks people. It's the cost of air ambulance service that can put a dent in your wallet for sure. We certainly hope she makes it.As they drive on the opposite side of the road in Jamaica than here, I wonder if that may have played a part. It's easy to forget just for a second or two and sometimes that's all it takes.

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