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Hi all. Thanks- hopefully she will get her driver's permit at some point soon anyway, so it's probably not a problem. But as for photo id, I forgot she does have her tribal id- even though it's only a tiny degree, she is a citizen of the Chickasaw nation through her dad's side. Suppose that would work? I'm hoping she'll be able to get her driver's permit at least, but she is learning disabled and may have difficulty with the written test.

Re: traveling with children, help me with this scenario. This is not all true yet (we don't have passports yet) but will be by the time we sail: I'm their custodial parent. I'm traveling with them. All of us have passports. Their last name and mine is NOT the same. Do I still need a letter from their dad for the cruiseline, stating that I have his permission to take them out of the country and on the trip, and specifying exactly which trip on which dates, giving me all authority to permit specific activities, etc? Or since I'm their single custodial parent, do I not need this?

And ALSO, do I need a copy of my divorce from him, a copy of my marriage license for my subsequent marriage, and a copy of that divorce to show the link from their last name to my current last name? I will be able to get my hands on all that if necessary, but it seems like serious overkill!!

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