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Talking More of my opinions

You know, I think I will elaborate on this a bit more. Remember this all JMAO (Just My Arrogant Opinion ... I don't have Humble opinions ...)

The Customer Service Desk aboard the ship is manned by the very most junior members of the Purser's Staff. If you look at their insignia you will see they are lucky to have half a stripe! They are trained to do the most minor things such as sell stamps and answer questions about the daily program. In most cases they are totally unempowered to deal with any significant issue.

To do something even as simple as issue a replacement for a key card that doesn't work, they usually have to call a supervisor (one striper) to enter a code in the computer. This almost always involves a delay. A pleasant and cooperative Junior Purser, of which there are a few, will go ahead and do it and chat with you while you wait. One who is not thoroughly customer oriented will try to put you off and make excuses to save themselves the trouble. Sadly there are too many of this kind.

Any real change, such as a change in cabin assignments, requires even more clout, usually a Senior Purser (two striper) of which there are only a few on the ship. This is why it is NOT going to happen on the spot and they will say that someone will contact you. Yes, that might happen, IF the desk agent remembers to leave a message, and IF the Sr. Purser is not overwhelmed with work, and IF they decide they can do something for you.

For some reason, the cruise line does not seem to give the Purser's staff (the "Customer Service Staff" on some ships) the same training they give the rest of their staff, insisting that they take a personal interest in every customer request and do their very best to see that it is filled right away and with a smile. It is much easier, for instance, to change a dining room reservation than it is to deal with the Customer No-Service Desk.

Whenever I find a Purser, or Customer Service Agent, or whatever they are called, who will really listen to me and try to help me, I remember them for all the rest of the cruise, come back to them when I need service, and (this is VERY important) see to it that their name is mentioned on my comment card!

If we, as passengers, begin demanding service from the Customer No-Service Desk as good as we get on the rest of the ship, and PUT THAT on our comment cards, perhaps it will start to get some attention!

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