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By the way - marina is beautiful and I personally believe many Regent and other lux lines will try her.

Its no sweat for Regent - Prestige Cruise Holdings makes money either way.

This being said - Marc is right about the showers - they are problematic, especially for tall people. There is no place to put the hand wand except at waist level, or the other option is the rain shower head which you cannot avoid because the shower is too small.

When you turn the shower off it continues to drip, so you have to step out and get the floor wet.

However, Marc, just so you know - there is plenty of storage in the room. I like a walk-in closet, too, but it certainly isn't mandatory.

I have not tried the food on Regent, but look at the pics I just put up of Jac ques and even the Terrace buffet.

They actually roll out the pasta, cut it and cook it right in front of your eyes - amazing. They can make any kind of fresh pasta you want. This is not a kitchen picture - this guy is standing behind a counter serving fresh pasta!

And then you help yourself to the parmesan ...

I suspect many cruise lines will not do steak tartar - solely because it is a dangerous dish to eat. But I am pretty sure Marina would accomodate you.

According to Frank Del Rio, Marina has more chefs per guest than any other ship in the world. (I am pretty sure I heard him say that, anyway).
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