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I am not taking the side of the cruise line - but I am just pointing out that it is not unprecedented to ask people to leave for their own safety because of medical conditions.

This is why pregant ladies close to giving birth are not allowed - a ship is not a hospital and if something does go unfortunately wrong then the ship cannot be responsible. And it DOES affect other cruisers a great deal when things go wrong.

HOWEVER - as noted epilepsy is not a serious condition and it is easy to manage. The doctor onboard apparently did not feel comfortable treating it himself (the article says he gave a dose and the guy did not respond) so basically the doc was saying "please leave because I am incompetent."

In this case, Thomson should certainly refund the cruise fare and pay for travel expenses - unless we find out the young man had not brought the correct medication and was relying on the ship to have it. That sounds likw what may have happened here.

Unfortunately, first time cruisers often get the wrong idea about what a ship can do - possibly because of over-zealous travel agents.

JohntheDog - I just want to say we appreciate your U.K.-centric assessment of the cruise line. A little perspective from a knowlegable source goes a LONG way.
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