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Hey Marc...

It is impossible to describe how beautiful the ship is without pictures, I must have posted almost 200 of them.

Unfortunately, while we all know that Oceania and Regent are under the same basic management (Frank del Rio for Prestige Cruise Holdings) - the fact is that they remain separate cruise lines, just like NCL which is also partially owned by Apollo Group.

I would be surprised at this time if Oceania and Regent decide to honor each other's loyalty programs.

BUT - the wild card remains to be seen - that is if, as some have suggested, it all becomes one big cruise line.

But I just don't think that is going to happen. Regent's Mark Conroy has been in the industry a VERY long time and is well respected. I don't think Prestige has any interest in losing him.

Plus Frank Del Rio has enough to worry about right now with a new ship on his hands and a second one already taking bookings (Riviera to be delivered early in 2012).

And I'm sure you are right about steak tartar. I missed the bigger point that luxury cruise lines will make special dinners on demand. That is something they boast about all the time. I never did hear that said on Marina. I should have said "I am pretty sure they will accomodate you - if you are staying in a suite and ask nicely well in advance."

But also, the menus on Marina are surprisingly extensive - look at the menu for Jacques; 8 appetizers and 11 diferent entrees (I miscounted the first time and forgot to include the grilled ones). Plus two salads and two soups.

I heard the entrecot was delicious in Jacques by the way - maybe you could just order it "very very extra-rare with a squeeze of lemon."
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