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Originally Posted by DayvidB View Post
Okay, I know this is a gripe board, but what the hell is that all about. Big important question, what can I learn from that post or experience,,,,zilch, nothing and what I read above is a lot are dancing round the question. So I ask you BigDaddy what is this actually about????? You dragged a respected site into this thread, so what did they do or not?

Take 5 mins and think about it
Well, we learned not to use Expedia when booking a cruise and got a great tip from Paul (thanks Paul!) on a TA we will consider booking with.

We booked our first cruise with Travelocity and all went well but all cruises after that have been booked direct with the cruise line. Now we want to try a TA to see if we can get OBCs or other benefits.
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