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Originally Posted by raggedyann6 View Post
I think that even if you are in a US port such as Key West and you make a cell phone call from the ship you still can incur roaming charges. I was told it picks up the ships satellite, you have to actually make the call off the ship to not incur roaming fees. I have never made a call from the ship and told friends and family I will have my phone off. If there is an emergency they have the number of the cruise line who then can contact me. Wow I feel sorry for the $1,000 texting bill, ouch!
I was standing on the promenade deck of the Imagination (that great view from on top of the bridge) during departure from Key West in November. Called home with my Sprint phone. As long as your phone is set so it doesn't roam, you'll latch onto your carrier's network if you're close enough to a tower. Back in 2009 on the Costa Atlantica, as we were leaving both St Thomas and San Juan (Sprint has a strong "local network" presence on both islands) I called home as well. No additional fees involved. I keep my phone set to home network only no matter where I am tho, so I'm not ever worried about such craziness. It was kind of funny on the Atlantica. I had my phone on me the first day as we were leaving port. I'm sitting at the table in the MDR and one of my best friends calls me to see what my plans are for that night to see if I wanna hangout ... him forgetting that I was leaving on a cruise. "Sorry Josh, but I'm already several miles off the coast of FL, so I won't be able to hangout tonight. But have fun." :-p

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