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This is both incredibly sad and truly weird. I feel great sympathy for the families of these women. The confusion over whether it was the RCL employee or passenger that was hit in the head and drown or sallowed a brooch (or safety pin) seems to be bad media reporting. As I read it now it was the RCL employee who was murdered and the passenger sallowed a safety pin. It is the brooch/safety pin one that is just bizzare. It had to be an accident of some sort, right?

I don't know what else RCL could have done under these circumstances. They have to rely on the Mexican police to investigate/solve the murder and except for threatening to remove their ships from Mexico (which I doubt they would do) they have no power to do anything.

Certainly we are aware of the increase in violence over the last several years and after reading some of the comments here we are feeling truly blessed. We have been to Mexico a number of times and except for the little children begging (it breaks my heart) we haven't any had problems at all. We are now rethinking a Mexican cruise we have booked for May.
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