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Question Cruise line reaction

Originally Posted by Kuki View Post

Sounds as if Thomson just panicked,and did nothing to listen, or check what might happen even if it occurred again during the trip.
Well, frankly, I think it unlikely that any ship's Captain operates on that sort of basis. He would never have advanced to the position of command if he did.

Let us consider some of the possible third sides to this story. We will probably never know. But let me suggest a not improbable scenario.

Guy has seizure. Mom panics, yells at medical personnel when they arrive, gets bossy and tells them what to do. Guy goes to dispensary, is given medication, yells at doctor about the choice of medication, says it is not working, insists he has to have some other medication which he did not bring and which is not in the ship's stores. Mom and patient continue yelling and calling doctor incompetent and saying that the ship is not treating them properly. Basically in the course of all this yelling they make it clear that they do not think the ship's doctor can handle the guy's epilepsy. Find out they are going to have to pay for treatment and go even more ballistic at that! Threatens to sue the doctor and the ship for not treating him properly.

Now what choice does the Captain have?

Could it have maybe happened this way?

Truth is a three edged sword.

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