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Originally Posted by MercedMike View Post
Well, frankly, I think it unlikely that any ship's Captain operates on that sort of basis. He would never have advanced to the position of command if he did.

Guy goes to dispensary, is given medication, yells at doctor about the choice of medication, says it is not working, insists he has to have some other medication which he did not bring and which is not in the ship's stores.
It is very probable that there is more to this scenario than the information we have. I do have to say that if the guy was having a tonic-clonic seizure he wouldn't be yelling at the doctor about his choice of medication. He would be unable at the time and for a while afterward.

We could make up all sorts of scenarios.

I do have to say based on my personal experience and the shared experiences of others with epilepsy there is a lack of knowledge and a lot of prejudice about the disease and that has made many "professional's" (medical and non-medical) make decisions based on fear, bad information and wives tales.

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