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Good morning everyone from the "melting pot".

It's a balmy 36 degrees outside with a high of 40 forecast. It's swimsuit weather.

I went to put the last toilet on yesterday. When I took the old one off I saw something that I didn't want to see. The closet flange was destroyed. The toilet was put in over 20 years ago and when they did they broke the flange and did a "flange repair". That toilet was slightly loose but I figured the bolts just needed tightening. I worked on it for about an hour but realized that with the flange "pipe dope glued" to the main pipe I would have to cut it out. I don't have the tools to do that type of cutting and if I chipped it out I would probably crack the main and I would be in real trouble. So, I said "To heck with it" and called a plumber. He'll be out on Monday morning to finish the job. It will probably be a $300 charge but I'll pay that rather than end up paying 10X that much if I cracked the main.

We really have nothing on the agenda for the whole weekend. My grandkids are fighting nasty colds so they won't be over. Betty is also starting to catch something so she is still in her lounge wear and she is debating if she wants to even get dressed. I told her "Just take it easy.". This will probably be the day that unexpected guests arrive.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoys themselves, no matter if they get dressed or not.

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