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Talking Speculations

Originally Posted by Mike M View Post
It is very probable that there is more to this scenario than the information we have. I do have to say that if the guy was having a tonic-clonic seizure he wouldn't be yelling at the doctor about his choice of medication. He would be unable at the time and for a while afterward.

We could make up all sorts of scenarios.

I do have to say based on my personal experience and the shared experiences of others with epilepsy there is a lack of knowledge and a lot of prejudice about the disease and that has made many "professional's" (medical and non-medical) make decisions based on fear, bad information and wives tales.

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And Mike, you are right of course, medically speaking.

On the other hand, based on my personal experience and the shared experience of others who cruise, the type of behaviour I suggested in my possible scenario is not at all unusual and happens all the time. I have a strong suspicion that the doctor and captain made their decisions, not based on fear and bad information about epilepsy, but in fact based on their observation of the attitude of the passenger and his mother, and the cause of the ejection was behaviour, not medical condition.

We may never know.

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