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Originally Posted by Cat77 View Post
Anyone recommend a really good excursion in Grand Cayman Island for family with kids? I hear its such a beautiful island and want to make sure I don't miss the hot spots. I love a beautiful beach and also doing a bit of shopping.
Stingray City is the perfect excursion for kids. The little ones and the big ones. You will be able to interact with the stingrays in shallow water on a sandbar. The stingrays are safe and interesting to have them right next to you.

Seven Mile Beach is a great beach day. Check with the cruise line to see if they have an excursion or check to see what hotels will allow day and/or beach access.

There is shopping in Grand Cayman but don't look for "cheap" prices. Grand Cayman isn't a "poor" island so the cost of merchandise, other than t-shirts and tourist trinkets, can be more than you pay stateside.

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