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Originally Posted by you View Post
What REALLY annoys me is people who don't dress as asked call those who do SNOBS, when really those that do adhere to the dress code would be completely justified in calling the non-dressers something appropriate....I wonder what?? any suggestions?
I'm not persuaded that it's just one group. I'm linquistically challenged, but, off the top of my head (and not in any particular order), there are slobs, boors, low lifes, trash (in the sense of "trailer park trash" or "white trash"), mal lev(e)s, nouveaux richs (or nouvelles riches if it's all females), scum, sleezeballs, slum dwellers, sewer rats, and many more. And for adjectives, such individuals may be ignorant, arrogant, clueless, boorish, unrefined, tacky, ill-mannered, rude, sloppy, tasteless, etc. You also can combine the adjectives with the nouns for more possibilities.

Of course, the "politically correct" term for all of the above is "socially challenged," but some of us are not into political correctness. :-)

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