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Mike I am so glad you made this post.. I have only seen one person have a seizure and it definitely can be scary but of course the person did as you state they collapased. I definitely have seen many people on their scooters who think that because they are on a scooter it gives them the right to not pay attention to others who are walking, they are definitely a danger to others on a ship. And I wondered how #2 in Norm's post would happen.
Unfortunately, there are different types of seizures. I have witnessed seizures in which the person collapsed immediately, and also seizures in which the person did NOT collapse immediately, but rather flailed for perhaps ten or fifteen yards rickochetting off of everything within reach with rather forcible blows and then continued to "bounce" several feet off of the floor. In one instance, the patient was an enlisted sailor with no medical history of seizures who was in training at one of our Navy's nuclear prototype reactors. The only saving grace was that it happened in the study room next to the reactor plant rather than in the plant itself, where he might have impaled himself on a valve stem or some other protruding object.

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