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Originally Posted by you
Tired of the Match.coms and all the other garbage sites, whats a great singles cruise to meet single women 30's-40. I'm not looking to have room mates/prefer solo room.
Well, ah, do you want a cruise with a lot of single women who may or may not be a good match for you, or do you prefer a cruise with fewer single women but a better chance that one of them will be a match?

The truth is that you will find some single ladies travelling on every major cruise line, but every cruise line has a distinct style and personality that tends to draw people with certain personal traits and interests. Although you'll meet more single women travelling on a line that caters to the "singles" crowd, especially if you book a "singles" cruise through an agency that targets the "singles" crowd, you probably will find that many of the single folks on those cruises do not share your interests and do not mesh with your personality. If you pick a cruise line that is a good match for your personality and style and that offers activities that cater to your interests, however, the odds that the single women on board will be a good match improve dramatically.

So what do I recommend? Go into the travel section of your local bookstore (Borders, Barnes & Noble, etc.) or onto EBay and buy a travel guide to cruise lines and cruise ships. All of the major travel guides like Berlitz, Frommer's, and Fodor's have such an edition, and they tend to be pretty comparable. Take the guide home and read the descriptions of the lines to figure out which lines match your interests and your personality and style. The lines with median ages in the 40's or 50's tend to have a good spectrum, with passengers of all ages actually onboard.

When you actually go on the cruise, be sure to go to the ship's activities that interest you, whatever they may be, because that's where you'll find other passengers with similar interests. Likewise, be sure to take shore excursions that interest you in the ports of call rather than going ashore on your own because that's where you'll find other passengers with similar interests.

Finally, if you don't happen to meet the right young lady on your first cruise, try again. On any line, some cruises will have a lot of single ladies and other cruises will have relatively few.

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