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Oh, I know. I do plan to get them, I'm just going to be gritting my teeth the entire time, because the odds are so low that any of us are going to be leaving the country anytime soon after the cruise, or maybe never again.

I was also wondering, is there any point or value at all to a passport card? Someone suggested that to me today, but it didn't sound like they were of any real use in place of a passport.

I have a friend who is planning on taking a honeymoon cruise in June and all the TAs she has talked to have insisted that she actually did need a passport, and I told her it's not supposed to be a requirement, just "strongly recommended" but I wondered why the TAs would say they had to have them. I wondered if they were misinformed or just trying to help their client be completely prepared. She already happens to have hers, but her fiance' doesn't.
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