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Originally Posted by Rev22:17 View Post
I think that we need to trust the ship's medical officers to assess the type of seizure and the danger that it might have posted, as that is within their professional competence, rather than trying to "second guess" them based on incomplete information. In medical matters, the captains of cruise ships are very consistent in following the recommendations of their medical staffs.

Of course, as others have pointed out, the manner in which the mother reacted to the seizure also may have swayed the final decision.

You know, I travel with a CPAP machine. I recall on our boards some time ago, a very irate post from a CPAP user. It seems that he was foolish enough to check the bag his machine was in, and when he arrived at his cabin it was not there yet. Instead of waiting for all the bags to be delivered, he went down to Customer Service to raise the devil. In pounding on the counter and yelling about his missing bag, he made the statement, "I could die if I don't have my machine." (A true statement, but one with very small probability.) Immediately he was denied passage as the ship could not take a chance on him after he made that statement. It was his own mouth that got him kicked off the ship, even though he refused to recognize that.

I agree with Norm that I think the doctor and Captain would consider all factors in making their decisions, and I agree with Mike that an epileptic passenger would in most situations pose no risk to his own health or public safety. I continue to believe that it was the mouths of the passenger and his mom that resulted in the expulsion, not the medical condition. We will probably never know.

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