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Default The best cruise for a 20 year old?

My dad and I are planning on going on a cruise this summer. We were looking at a variety of options. There were a few that caught our eye, but we've hit a minor snag: I'm 20. Here are some of the things I was looking for:

- A room of my own
- To be able to drink
- To be with people my age
- To have fun activities for my dad and I to do together

From what I can tell, most cruise lines require you to be 21 years old for the first two points. Now, those aren't requirements. I don't need a drink to enjoy myself (I'll be on a cruise for goodness sake). However, it would be nice to have my privacy when I need it, to be able to drink on special occasions.

What I'm really looking for is to hang out with people that are my age. I find myself constantly in environments of people that are kids or adults, and not 20 years old. It would nice just to chill with people my age for once.

Finally, I'd like to go on a cruise were I can do things with dad. Unfortunately, in that aspect, we're rather different. I'm usually up for exciting activities (Jet Skis, Paragliding, etc) while dad enjoys the exploring activities (boat tours, scubba diving). We can probably make compromises here though. I think I'd enjoy the cruise line's activities in itself.

Some of the cruise lines we were looking into were the following:

Norwegian Epic, unsure of location
Royal Caribbean: Liberty of the Seas, from Barcelona (I'm allowed to drink on this line!)
Carnival of some sort

Thanks for your time.
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