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Let's not get false or inaccurate information running here too!

The announcement was very clear: Seabourn is moving its offices at the end of March...not up, running, and in Seattle in the beginning of Frebruary. In addition, there are obvious personnel issues still being worked out and things are in a bit of "state of flux" at the moment so, by obvious nature, now is when these sorts of things have the greatest potential not to be resolved as normal. Think about it.

It was just on Tuesday, February 15, 2011, that it was announced that a person was appointed to head modificiation of the reservations system to handle Seabourn and to oversee the Reservations department. (That system already services Holland America, Princess, Cunard and P&0 Australia that I am aware of.) So to ask how Seabourn is doing in Seattle when it is public knowledge in the trade that Seabourn isn't in Seattle and the people are not even in place is, alas, a bit troubling.

So, pleeeeaaaaaasssseeee, try to have accurate information posted; otherwise it isn't anything but counterproductive on many levels.

In the end, Nadine is, by choice, doing it the hard way. In a perfect world things would be as easy for a single passenger as it is for a Seabourn-experienced travel agent...but then, again, the fact that travel agents even exist lays testament to the fact that it just ain't so.

Sorry to be harsh, but this entire thread just is so "off" as it started with a small issue and has unnecessarily blown itself into an ordeal.

(Nadine: If you would like I will take care of whatever the issue(s) is. You can keep the booking - so it isn't an issue of trying to get your business. It is just an issue of getting it...whatever it is...done. Just email me.)
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