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You are absolutely correct, Seabourn should handle things appropriately with direct bookings. Clearly, Seabourn...or, better, Carnival Corp. recognized that while Seabourn has the best product at sea, its land-based operations are not where they should be. That is now being corrected...That is not an excuse, but fact.

It is also important to keep in mind that we are only hearing one side of the story and, as I often find the case, the guest's frustration comes from a lack of understanding rather than the improper delivery of a product or how a solution is formulated. (Heck, even with the pricing issue - and Granny Lorr had the same sort of issue...and I had it resolved quickly - becomes a huge frustration when a guest, rather than her travel agent, has the burden of following up to assure resolution.) So what for business is not a "crisis" is a "CRISIS" for an individual guest, perspectives may run askew.

The solution is not always to blame the imperfect cruise line (budget or luxury), but to ask, "Is there a better way to have this addressed because it isn't MY way or the cruise line's there are probably alternatives I never thought of because I don't know it all?"
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