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Originally Posted by mosiegirl View Post
Ok..this will be our first cruise... I want to make sure I don't leave any necessary papers at home.. What will I need besides the following -
luggage tags, passports, birth certificates, boarding passes?
I keep reading something about "visas" ?? Where and how do we get them? and are they necessary? We are born/from Canada and taking Carnival Imagination for 4 days from Miami which goes to Key West and Cozumel. We will be two adult parents and an 11 yr old daughter with us.
Do we need any special vaccinations? We won't be going into the water anywhere so didn't bother to get Twinrix etc..
Am I allowed to bring 6 cans of diet coke with me? I don't want to buy on the ship if I can help it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
If you have passports for all three of you then you won't need the birth certificates but you can never have too much. Otherwise it looks like you have your documentation in order.

A Visa is not required for any country or port in this itinerary so don't worry about. Actually Visa's are only required for a few places around the world. It is a document or stamp in your passport, that you acquire from the country that you wish to visit, before you travel. It often requires you to send your passport to a consulate or embassy of that country, along with payment, and they will issue the visa and stamp your passport.

Six cans of soda should be OK.

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