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Honestly, it is inconceivable to me that a ship's excursion, even with limited time in port, would skip a visit to a carpet factory and sales room. While this is an interesting experience and many people like it, if it is NOT your cup of tea you are likely to be very resentful at enduring a one hour sales pitch during your limited excursion time. A private tour will also make a big effort to get you to a carpet factory but if you stand your ground and insist it is YOUR tour, you can avoid it.
When I did the half day tour to Ephesus and Mary's House during a port of call in Kusadasi, there was no "carpet factory and sales room" on the tour -- and it's a good thing, as there was no time for it.

I have taken several ship's tours in both Istanbul and Kusadasi, and only one has made such a stop. The description of that tour, which was in Istanbul, explicitly mentioned the stop at the carpet shop in the Grand Bazaar.

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