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I think I remember you from posting about the Mariner of the Seas when it went around the horn. We picked her up in LA and it was her first cruise out of LA down the Mexican Riviera. That was the first time my checked luggage was held by security. When I went to check on it, I was told that it might have an iron in it. Apparently they ran it through x-ray.Well they saw the bottle of Gin I’m sure and wanted to get it out. Well, I made such a fuss they checked which cabin I was in and let it go. I heard one fellow say: “Oh, just take the booze and give me my clothes”
On the Le Champagne room on Silversea. We did that and I thought it was going to be like the Millennium class ships, but it was a fixed menu and drinks. I did not like the menu nor the champagne. I really like spumante better. We are scheduled on the Silver Shadow but I will check on the menu first in the Le Champagne room if they have one. I don’t like raw duck. I can eat kibbe, but the raw duck just didn’t appeal to me.
The Silver Whisper lived up to their promise of free booze, and good gin and drinks, but their complimentary wine selections were not so good to my taste. Maybe I just like cheap wines. I will drink beer at dinner on the Silver Shadow. The service is spectacular. The food was excellent.
I’m not sure it is worth the higher cost.
I did the fly out of Punta Arenas to King George Island for the Antartica cruise. I think I remember $9000/p . Of course I had to get myself to Punta Arenas.
Regards, Dr. Joe

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