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No - she is not a rescue, we got her from a nice breeder when she was just a puppy. Yes, she is a Pappillon and it means "butterfly" in French. It is believed the dogs came from France or Great Britain.

The difference between dogs and cats is that a dog wants your full attention all the time - which gets to be a bit much.

Now, I have had cats that want to be with me all the time, and will get up and lay down on my desktop when Im working, or they will sleep in my socks drawer next to me.

But our dog, Sophie, will bring me a toy she wants to play with and stand there and look at me, with an accoasional bark if I don't comply, until I throw the darn thing. This can go on for hours.

We have a ritual where she has to tell us if she needs to go potty - so we can go outside with her, even though she has a doggy door and can go out at any time. She just wants us there.

We have just taught her not to bark (for attention) when she wants to play but we want to watch TV. She will eventually quiet down and lay on her own chair and just watch TV with us - but she knows the minute the show is over (we don't know how) and she will be the first "person" up and demanding attention.

She is incredibly smart and intuitive about what we want - but also willful if she doesn't agree. She knows what she is supposed to do, but she doesn't want to do it.

The only nad thing she does consistently is try to eat my earplugs (I guess they are like chewing gum for her). She will be up checking my bedstand for them the second I get up - so I have learned to put them away.
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