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Default Re: Cruising From NYC to Bermuda

last year me and my partner took the second from the last sailing out of philadelphia to bermuda. The seas were awful. I would imagine if you went in june or july the seas wouldnt be that bad. We both took pills way before we sailied off, and the first full day at sea, we couldnt even get out of bed. But all the staff kept saying how that sailing was an exception, they kept telling everyone that they never see all these people getting sea sick. The sailing before us got caught in a hurricane returning to philadelphia, and the crew was telling us that even then, there were not that many people who got sea sick. We had to go to the hospital on board to get shots. They are costly, but your travel insurance will pay it when you return home (just save your receipt). After the shot, within 2 hours I felt great, and enjoyed the rest of the cruise. Coming home, we didnt run into any problems. We sailed on the Horizon. It is a great ship, with outstanding service. As soon as I heard about the Galaxy's new itinerary out of baltimore, we booked a 11 night caribbean in september, we are already counting down the days. hahaha.
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