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Default Good for you

Nice to hear about folks looking after dogs.
She is a puppy and just like a child will test her boundaries so I suggest you enquire about dog obedience classes that the alpha dog goes to with her.
One person on the household has to be the Alpha dog , not her and she will identify you and your wife as her pack.

If you read up on the breed you can learn more about barking
and how to control to a satisfactory manner.
Be gentle as you train her as all her trust will be in you two but be firm when needed and do not hit her anywhere regardless of what some folks might say.

Reward her with a small diet treat in your pocket for any task well done as you train her as they associate reward with encouragement.

Get lots of books and read as she will give you years of enjoyment.

If you train her well to you and friends and in different houses than you can find someone who will look after her while you go on your next cruise otherwise some of the folks at cruisemates dot com will be looking forward to the freebies you cannot go to anymore
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