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Well, the formal nights(except on NCL which has none which I personally disdain, so I keep them in reserve for certain cruises when nothing else is available or I just want a short cruise....don't even get me started on the trouble I have had with NCL as a travel agent, though I will say some of their BDMs(Business Development Managers) are quite friendly) are specifically to allow someone to dress up as much as they want to, and I personally love dressing to the nines since suits seem too everyday for me. My other career. aside from being a travel agent, is in the entertainment industry, so I do have a natural knack for style since it goes with my other career, and a little bit of flash in a tasteful way goes a long way. At least I am not showing up in an egg(sorry Stefani....I mean Lady Gaga, you are a great showperson but really, an egg!!!????).....

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