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Talking Quick change

Originally Posted by brad813 View Post
Assuming my dive boat that morning doesn't run late getting back, I should have roughly an hour before the horseback riding excursion I booked through Princess. The reason I wanted to go back to my stateroom is to quickly change out of my wetsuit and wet clothes into something dry and grab my riding gear(riding boots(Ariat Terrain boots. very nice and double nicely as a hiking boot as well for around $90.....I definitely recommend them to any cruiser who likes to do any kind of excursion that has a good hike, especially off road hikes, to them) and helmet(required for safety).
You should have time to do that if you move promptly. As those are active excursions I assume you have good mobility and can boogie down the halls with alacrity! Lunch might be problematic, though. Suggestion, maybe you want to grab some bread and lunch meat from the breakfast buffet and leave it on your dresser wrapped in a napkin so you can eat quickly while you change.

Another thought is that the dive facility might have change rooms, but I don't know if you want to risk your boots and helmet in a dive locker!

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